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It all started one cold and snowy year at the blue cock rally over Yorkshire way,
whilst partaking of a few local brews a motley crew of bikers suddenly found out
they were all from the Preston area, so after a good weekend of partying and more
than a couple of thick heads they decided to get together for a few runs out on their
return to Preston.
After a couple of months of hard partying, it was decided to start a club, the
problem was a name, many suggestions where made, (Red Rose MCC, Natural
Born Idiots MCC to name but a few) they decided to make it official and on the 1‘st
of April 1995 the Jesters MCC Preston was born.
It was to be four years of rallies, partying and abusing other clubs hospitality before
the clubs first rally, again a name had to be found, was it to be, (The Clown Duels
Rally or the Larf Yer Tits of Rally) these and many other suggestions lost out to the
Cum-n Dribble In-t Ribble. A site was found at Vernon Carus Sport Club in Preston
and was held at the end of September each year. For 2004 it was decided to
move the rally from its current location to a more manageable site at the Hand and
Dagger Public house, it was held there for two years, until a more permanent site
could be found. A new site was found at Whittingham sport and Social Club where
the Sept 06 rally was held, this is now the new home of the Jesters MCC Preston,
club meetings are held on the first and third Monday’s of the month starting at 8pm.
If you are in the area and interested in joining a club why not pop in for a drink and
a natter.
Jesters Rally 2022
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Jesters MCC Preston
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